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Investing in Condo Hotels
Wealth Daily in this article describes condo hotels as luxury four or five-star hotel rooms or suites with elegant furnishings, which are typically priced between $1 million and $60 million. Operated by top tier hotel chains like The Ritz Carlton, Trump International, or Four Seasons, these condo hotels offer the full range of five-star amenities like spa, gyms, private pools, world class dining, 24 hour room service, concierge, valet parking, and babysitting services, and that too in the comfort of your own home. Whenever the owners are not using their properties, they can use the hotel’s rental program to rent out the condos. Generally, a professional management company takes care of renting, condo maintenance, and the guest services. The rental revenues are usually split 50 50 between the condo owner and the management company. The management foots the bill for operating expenses, while the condo owners pays for taxes, insurance, and improvement costs.

Pros and Cons of Investing in Commercial Real Estate
This article by NOLO is an eye opener for investors willing to invest in commercial real estate properties. While it shows how a commercial property can be a rewarding option when compared to residential properties, on the other hand, it also familiarizes you with the hazards involved in such investments. As readers, we get a fair idea about what a commercial property exactly is. The article explicitly points out some of the positive reasons of investing in a commercial property including high earning opportunities, courteous relations between tenant and landlord, and restricted hours of operation. The negative sides such as bigger initial investment, professional assistance, and increased managerial tasks are not to be forgotten either.

Direct Investment in Hotels in Spain Grows by 18 Percent in 2016
This Financial Times news flash dated October 2016, states that in Spain direct investment. In the hotel sector has increased by 18 percent by July 2016, bringing the total investments in this sector to €996m. As the easy availability of funds in the capital markets is driving these investments, the investment threshold is likely to cross €1 billion in 2017. A Spanish Hotel Sector Report presented today to the Indian media paints a rosy picture of the steadily rising tourism sector in the Spanish economy, which is currently contributing to 13 percent of GDP. The direct investment value of 2016 is actually an increase of 18 percent on the investment figure of the same period of 2015, reportedly €840m.

Reasons to Invest in the Hotel Industry
According to the American Hotel & Lodging Association, Tourism is the third largest retail industry in the U.S., preceded by automotive and food stores. The average, combined daily spends of domestic and travelers are $1.8 billion. Tourism also supports over 15 related industry sectors like travel agents, airlines, cruise lines, hotels, restaurants, and more. One recent investment trend in the hotel industry is the growth of the Franchises business, which typically provides high returns with low investments, affordable hotel rooms, opportunities for franchises food, beverage, and retail chains, and stability to withstand economic downturns. Great possibilities exist for the franchise businesses in U.S. and worldwide tourism industries. Read the full article to learn about the primary reasons for investing in the franchises hotels.

Brexit Could Signal Boom For Miami Real Estate
The United Property Invest showcases in this article possibility of Miami becoming the greatest real estate destination for foreigners. If UK leaves the European Union, that move will make Miami, the next biggest destination for investors. Miami real estate market will transform into a boom town. London monopolized the most lucrative market in global real estate, but the UK decision to leave EU will push Miami up the list of best global investment destination. The new image of Miami will help the city attract more overseas investors seeking stable market in the U.S. The World Center in Miami, scheduled to be complete by 2018 will be the largest commercial space in Miami, wooing investor-buyers from 35 different countries.

Florida Investment Network
The is a portal that matches investors with entrepreneurs seeking capital. The website targets Florida locals, specifically Miami investors, who are looking for entities worth investing in within the boundaries of Florida State. The current trend in the U.S. is for the angel investors to invest in American businesses. is an investment opportunity enabler to those investors who may be specifically looking for underfunded entrepreneurs in Miami. These entrepreneurs are usually cash-strapped and unable to procure traditional funding from banks. Digital platforms such as this one are making great strides in bringing the underfunded startups or small businesses and investors together. If anyone is looking for an entrepreneurial investment opportunity, is a good place to start.

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