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North American Speedboat Federation (NASF)
The North American Speedboat Federation (NASF) is a national-level promoter of powerboat racing in the U.S. One of the best known powerboat race series sanctioned by NASF is The Southern Professional Outboard Racing Tour or S.P.O.R.T series, which has produced many powerboat racing events in the southeastern part of the U.S. This series is known for conducting four different categories of races: SPORT F1, Tri-Hull, Formula Lights, and J-Hydro. For specific information on each of these powerboat racing events and the associated rules and regulations, visit the link provided above.

Formula One Racing by The Economist
This page on The Economist digital edition provides all the Formula 1 racing related news, events follow-ups, videos, photo galleries, and personality profiles. The Formula 1 races prove a rare opportunity to experience diversity, driving skills, engineering excellence, unparalleled determination to win. As content provided by The Economist contains authoritative insights, all car racing fans will enjoy reading the research-backed analysis of the world’s premier car racing event. Very few car racing enthusiasts in this world would miss a Formula 1 race or any news relating to the race, so this site is ideal for someone who wants to keep with up Formula 1 on a regular basis.

Belk Library Stock Car Racing Collection
This site belongs to The Appalachian State University Belk Library. On this portal, APU Belk Library has shared its vast collection of stock car racing related digital assets documenting car racing, including rare racing manuscripts, press releases, book titles, periodicals, photos, videos, brochures, and other promotional items. The ultimate goal of this collection is to preserve the history of stock car racing for future generations. The collection is managed with professional archival and cataloging techniques, thus facilitating a digital reference desk on stock car racing for users and patrons all over the globe.

UIM Class 1 World Powerboat Championship
This official website of UIM Class I World Powerboat Championship provides the complete history of powerboat racing. The last 30 years have undergone sea change in technical advancements in this sport, bringing about some radical changes in the championship events too. The financial crunch of the late 70s and 80s forced the championship event to adopt austerity measures. The result was a single vent hosting three races in the same location but with the inclusion of a larger number of global teams. Since 1992, this Championship event has remained a grand affair featuring multiple events and diverse nationalities. The U.S. continues to lead in winning titles with 33 titles to their credit.

Why These Racing Motorcycles Cost $2 million
MotoGP race, featuring the motorcycle drivers of the world showcases bikes typically worth around $2 million. This USA Today article takes an in-depth look at the reasons behind the staggering prices of these racing bikes. The bikes used in this famous race, according to USA Today, are generally one-of-a-kind with some special characteristics that add to the overall cost. The reasons stated for the high expenses include the limited quantity of custom spare parts increasing the cost of such parts, use of light but expensive materials like titanium or magnesium, use of state-of-the-art technology, high wear and tear on bikes during racing. The full details of each of these racing bike characteristics are provided in the article.

The official site of NASCAR offers news and information as well as a superstore of NASCAR-branded items by individual drivers, racetracks, and many other categories. Here you'll find the full schedule of NASCAR racing events, including the TV schedule and international broadcasters, detailed results and standings for the current season, and information on all the teams, individual drivers, and winners. Links are provided to buy tickets to all racing events. There's a huge section of videos, such as a teleconference with Dale Earnhardt Jr. updating his recovery process. A Discover section helps you learn about NASCAR History, the Hall of Fame, the Charter System and Overtime Rules, and much more.

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