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Get Building News and Information You Need to Know From Discover
Do you need information about calculating the costs of your construction project, green home building, new building products, or modular homes? Visit to learn about these topics, as well as permits, home design tips, as well as how to find and choose a building lot. If you have ever considered becoming an owner builder, you will want to read the interview with someone who has successfully taken on this role to find out about the challenges and rewards that go with it. Be sure to check out the News section of the site to find out more about current conditions in the building market.

Log Inserts--A Great Choice for Gel Fuel Outdoor Fireplace Use
If you are looking for an inexpensive, attractive accessory use with your indoor or outdoor gel fuel fireplace, consider using log inserts. They mimic natural ones in appearance, but are much less messy to use. Discover the benefits of using this product in outdoor gel fireplaces and get an overview of the different types available.

All About the DAC-ART Architectural System of Concrete Building Components
Concrete that looks like limestone? The DAC-ART System is composed of pre-cast architectural concrete that takes on the appearance and the strength of European limestone. Explore this site to discover the advantages of using this material in your construction project. Examples of homes that can be built with DAC-ART are presented here, along with other examples using this product.

Find Out Why a Roofing Company Should be Licensed
Check out this blog post discussing the reasons why a roofing company owner should go through the process involved in getting a license. The average homeowner may not understand the importance of hiring a roofing company that has a license and liability coverage in place, and this post does a good job of explaining the issues involved when everyone on the job site hasn't complied with these requirements.

Log Home Building Resource Can Help You Do It Yourself
Back to nature? Let Robert W. Chanbers and the experts at help you in your quest to design and build a log home. This site is an excellent online reference for anyone interested in log building design and construction. There is an enormous amount of free technical and practical information and tips, such as log selection calculators, video how-tos on construction, log building standards and maintenance and preservation. You'll also find links to books on the subject you can purchase online.

You Can Build A Home And Remain Debt-Free
Here's a fantastic article on the Mother Earth News web site that offers tips on how to really build a home on your own, and to do so with no mortgage, no debt. Author Lynn Underwood details his building experience 15 years ago, and takes readers step by step through the construction process, from finding land to the finished project. Readers are forewarned that this is by no means an easy task, but if you are committed to the concept of living life without a mortgage payment, even naysayers will be able to get the job done.

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