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Adventures in Homebuilding
If you have ever wondered what the steps involved in building a home are, this is the site for you! Adventures in Homebuilding is set up in a blog format and it takes the site visitor through the entire building process, from the pre-construction meeting, all the way through to the finish painting and installation of interior doors. The path to home ownership doesn't always run smoothly, and the joys and frustrations along the way are posted, in words and pictures.

Adobe Architecture in the Spotlight
New Mexico homebuilder David C. Peterson has created this site for anyone interested in Adobe architecture, highlighting the construction of a high-end home from start to finish. There are more than 100 links to photographs and detailed descriptions of each step of the process. Peterson tells a good tale, and the site will leave anyone with half a mind to build an Adobe home on their own without thinking twice before trying. His crew has more than 100 years of experience and the finished product shows it. Don't leave the site without checking out the luxury kitchen inside the home!

Is a Split-Level Home Right for You? Find Out at!
If you have never considered a split-level or raised ranch style home, you may well change your mind after visiting Your first stop should be to read about the history of this architectural style. Then you can move on to learn about landscaping, how to add a splash of color to the exterior, and decorating ideas. Be sure to check out the suggestions for making your home look different from all the other split levels in your neighborhood and how to remodel your kitchen.

Want to Make a Wall Mounted Folding Workbench? Get Instructions Here!
If you would like to build a wall mounted folding workbench but you aren't sure how to proceed, check out the instructions posted on this informative site. The plans for the bench include views of the workbench from several angles, along with a list of parts and materials you will need to complete the project. Get tips for finding a standard stud in a wall, along with information about what the two most important measurements in this type of workbench project.

Learn How to Interpret Blueprints for your Building Project from
Reading blueprints isn't difficult - once you know how to interpret them. This helpful article from tells you exactly what a set of blueprints includes (foundation plan, floor plan, roof plan, interior and exterior elevation drawings, electrical and plumbing details, and more). After you finish reading the article, you will have a much better understanding of how to interpret what you are seeing on the paper and how the symbols used relate to what the finished building will look like.

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