Resources for Healthy Food and Drink

How Healthy Is Your Diet?
You want to eat healthy, but how do you know how your eating habits are compared to what they should be? This web site features tools so you can assess your diet. The new U.S. healthy eating pyramid is also featured, with information explaining the chance to the healthy model for eating used today. You can analyze the nutrient composition of your diet, look at recipes and analyze the nutrition content of the recipes you cook for healthier eating options. For healthy professional-chef prepared catering in Aspen, CO., or to hire a personal/private chef in Aspen, see Flourish.

Noni Juice Discussion Board
This is a discussion board with people talking about trying noni juice. It discusses noni juice benefits, if it helps treat cancer, if it boosts energy. People talk about the benefits of noni juice and how to buy noni juice online. Overall, it's useful and you can connect with others who have used it and can offer testimonies.

Hot Firepots: a Tasty and Easy Dish to Serve to Guests
When you are looking for an easy meal to serve to guests, Hot Firepots fit the bill nicely. The recipe and cooking instructions are posted on the site for your convenience. The ingredients for the fire pot include beef, shrimp, white fish, spinach and Chinese cabbage for an interesting taste sensation.

Sports Drinks for Active children
This article from says that active children need good hydration to prevent heat strokes. It recommends sports drinks with enough electrolytes to keep children hydrated. It says that the products that just add "sport" to their name are not necessarily real sports drinks. Don't be fooled just because the words 'energy' or 'electrolytes' appear on the package. It doesn't mean the beverage is truly supplying the right amounts or types of these ingredients.

Healthy Food and Drinks: Information and Safety
Knowledge is power and eating healthy foods and drinking healthy beverages starts with information. Here you can find nutritional information including food safety news, consumer information, education information and information for those in the food industry. Consumer-related resources include how to cook safely, holiday food safety, choosing healthy foods and drinks and more. Easy to navigate and helpful for anyone interested in healthy eating.

Healthy Drinks: Good-for-You Smoothies
Both children and adults will appreciate these healthy smoothies. Recipes for eight different smoothies are featured and they incorporate vitamins, calcium and great taste. You can process these healthy smoothies in blender and serve cold. They include a wide selection of fruits and other protein sources, such as peanut butter and milk. Most of all these healthy drinks are ideal for children and adults.

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