Resources for Senior Health (02)

Solutions for Elderly Caregivers
It's important to understand the legal and financial considerations of caring for an elderly friend or relative. As Americans live longer, many need ongoing, long-term care. Often this falls onto people who have kids of their own to take care of, who are busy with their lives. This site is about connecting people caring for elderly parents. It discusses how to care for an elder and keep your sanity if youíre a caregiver. The site has valuable information for people who want to take good care of the older adults in their lives, but donít want to get overwhelmed in doing so. There are sections on legal issues for seniors, as well as financial issues, caregiving issues, housing information and drug information. A useful site for seniors and those who take care of them.

Life as a Senior Citizen: Online.
For seniors on the Web, this site is a goldmine. There are stories on elder travel and recreation, news and opinions on various elder-related happenings, and even an arts and entertainment section. More information on senior health and fitness including senior conditions and treatments, health care plans and caregiving are included. Then there is an elderly home and gardening section, as well as financial aspects of senior citizenship are included. Find the latest sports and leisure activities. Coming soon will be a classified section, as well as a calendar, forums to connect with other elders and more. This is a total living site for seniors, full of great tips and commentary about everything from senior health to senior travel.

Aging: Information for Elders
This site is brought to you by the American Federation for Aging Research, and features information on the topic of aging. It includes a section that describes the biology of aging, as well as a news section that features the latest aging news on health and care issues, such as the new skin patch being used to treat Alzheimerís disease. The healthy aging section features information on elder nutrition, senior exercise, sleep, stress, alcohol, smoking cessation and vision issues for seniors. A question and answer section lets elders ask questions regarding their health, and a section includes information on how to get involved in senior policy-making issues.

Building Strong Bones for Seniors
As the human body ages, bones can get very brittle and breaks, as well as fractures, are more possible. Thatís why the elderly need to make sure they build strong bones by getting enough calcium in their diets. This site gives tips on bone building, offers a list of calcium-rich foods, and gives an overall article on what to expect health-wise as your body ages. The prevention and screening section gives information on anti-aging therapies, as well as information on topics such as growth hormones, healthy aging, disease prevention, keeping your mind sharp, preventing confusion, and information on important screening tests for senior care.

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