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Chiropractic Care for Children: An Interview with Chiropractors and Medical Doctors
This article at by Amy Wang consists of interviews with chiropractors Elise Hewitt and Jeff Devine, and medical doctors Mark Shih and Ben Hoffman. Elise said she has a fair number of patient referrals from pediatricians, while Devine some pediatricians who are skeptical of chiropractors are usually those who don't really understand what chiropractic is. On the other hand, Dr. Shih admits giving referrals to chiropractors for some teenagers with minor neck or back pain but not for children or infants. Meanwhile, Dr. Hoffman advises parents to be very careful when taking their children to a chiropractor.

National Center Dedicated to Child Nutrition
The National Food Serice Management Institute (NFSMI), part of the School of Applied Science at The University of Mississippi, is the only federally funded national center dedicated to applied research, education and training, and technical assistance for child nutrition programs. As you'd expect, the website has all kinds of information on child nutrition. They offer online trainining and continuing education for child nutrition program personnel at all levels. There are school nutrition programs. And there are all kinds of fact sheets, posters, newsletters, menus, webinars and other resources for child care concerning food. There is a resource center and a child nutrition archives, with photograph and manuscript collections, as well as poster and other online exhibitions. The site also has an interactive timeline on how child nutrition programs have progressed through the decades in the U.S.

Healthy Reading for Kids
Every parent wants their kids to be healthy. However, there is no single way to raise kids into being fit and healthy individuals, as each parent has his or her own particular way of doing so. PBS Parents, a resource that provides information on child development and learning, offers parents a way to drive home the fitness and nutrition points they want their children to learn: books. PBS features lovely illustrated books about nutrition and fitness with lovable characters and relatable stories children can surely relate to and love. What is good about this collection of books is that they are categorized according to childrenís ages so parents can make sure that the titles they are getting for their children are age-appropriate.

Everything You Need to Know About What Chiropractors Do at eHow Chiropractic
The eHow site has over 140 articles dealing with chiropractic topics. If you are curious about the side effects of chiropractic care, how much treatments should cost, or whether children should be treated by these health care professionals, you have come to the right place. If you are considering becoming a chiropractor, you can get valuable information about choosing a school, the requirements for getting a license, and more. The steps involved in performing different types of adjustments are covered, along with tips for conquering your fear of going to see a chiropractor. Content is grouped into How To's, How Does, Facts, and About for ease of use.

Help for Teens: Stories, Information and Help
This site gives teens recovery stories so they can learn how other teens coped with drug and alcohol abuse. It also offers memorials of teens who died from drug and alcohol abuse. A section called Help for Teens gives teens advice about how to tell if a friend has a drug problem, how drug users can get help, how to talk to a friend about a drug problem, what to do if your friend has a drug problem, why people canít handle drinking and drugs.

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