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Using Lighting for Home Decoration
NBC offers practical home lighting tips and ideas on this website. Sections include lighting for home security, lighting for function and fashion, refreshing your home with proper lighting, bathroom lighting, choosing a light bulb, working with lighting dimmers in the dining room, installing outdoor lighting, and a gallery of options to help you use lighting to decorate and enhance the mood of your home.

Lighting Information by Philips
What do comfortable homes, efficient and livable public spaces, optimized offices, and engaging retail stores have in common? Proper lighting, thatís what. To know more about the kind of lighting that works for these spaces, one only has to visit the Philips Lighting website. Philips Lighting, which will soon become Signify, offers a rich repository of information about all things lighting. The site provides links to various Philips light bulbs and lighting fixtures, as well as the different lighting systems they offer, the kind of services they provide clients and customers, and their quarterly newsletter. They even have what they call a Lighting University for those who wish to have more knowledge about lighting.

Interior Ambient Lighting Tips for a Home
This article by Ray East III contains interior ambient lighting tips for every important area inside a house. It starts with an explanation of the importance of ambient lighting (or general lighting) and how it differs from task lighting. For bedrooms, the post mentioned the different contemporary lighting solutions for bedrooms other than using ordinary incandescent lamps. For bathrooms, Ray talks about the use of pendant lights or a small chandelier. For providing lighting in the living room, he recommends some experiments that homeowners can try. There are also some creative lighting ideas for the kitchen, dining room, and hallways.

Light Therapy
A holistic approach to the benefits of proper lighting is defined in this thorough web site. In-depth information about the body's responsiveness to light, including how light affects organs and overall health. Light therapy safety, side effects and sources of illumination are noted. The benefits of light therapy to ease seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is also mentioned. Includes benefits of light therapy for assistance with jet lag, insomnia, bulimia and lupus.

The Future of Light
That Thomas Edison produced the first commercially viable electric light bulb is a known fact; the world will forever be grateful to Edison for paving the way for introducing the technology that made modern lifestyle possible. Until the last century, the development of lighting has been gradual - that is, until LED lighting came into being. What is LED lighting, and why is there so much ado about it? In this Hackernoon article, Greg Yeutter discusses what LED lighting is and explains how the technology behind LED lights work. It also tells about the history of LED lighting, its advantages and disadvantages, and its implications for daily living. Where the Professionals Go is an on-line magazine dedicated to the decorative lighting industry. Of particular interest may be the search engine which allows the visitor to locate lighting manufacturers, lighting parts suppliers, and stores, as well as shows, market centers and associations.

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