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Home Decorating in Gothic
If your taste in decorating runs toward the dark side and you want to create a Gothic look for a room in your home, check out this informative web site. You don't need to have adopted a Goth style in your clothing and appearance to appreciate decorating inspired by this Medieval style of architecture. It creates a striking atmosphere with rich colors and textures. Get suggestions for wall and trim colors, as well as a suggestion about using a fireplace as a focal point in your room. Flooring and window covering options are also covered here, and visitors to the site can check out the photos of furniture and find out what kinds of accessories will accent this decorating style best.

Helpful Information and Tips About Interior Design
Check out this online resource for an impressive collection of interior design articles. The Advice on Interior Decorating section is a good place to start, since it includes tips for dealing with rough walls, choosing a color for your room, designing a room for a teen, how to hire a gardener and much more. Visitors to the site will also discover how to combine different decorating styles, decorate a child's room, and choose the right innerspring mattress for your needs. Other offerings deal with getting the most from your candles, creating storage space and when you need to hire a designer. Other sections of the site focus on decorating on a budget, choosing colors, the latest tools and new products, and how to design your garden effectively. Another feature of this site is an extensive list of related sites for more information.

Home Decorating DIY Tips
This Home Decorating page at has Do-It-Yourself tips on how to decorate homes and make them a more relaxing place to stay at. Here, interior design expert Shaynna Blaze shares some creative ideas on how to transform homes depending on the kind of season. On the other hand, craft expert Penelope Quinn shared some ideas on how to make lampshades more fashionable using some items at home. There are buying guides for some household furniture such as couches and beds. There are also tips on how to display photos and artwork, and how to maximize space at home without spending money.

Interior Design Society Connects Industry Insiders
The Interior Design Society was established in 1973 and it is the largest organization that is devoted to serving the needs of professionals working in the interior design industry. Members of the Society have committed themselves to the pursuit of excellence in this field. The Society is made up of people working as interior decorators and designers, as well as those people employed by design studios, select home furnishing retailers and manufacturers, and certain design-related services. Membership levels for individuals are determined based on education and/or work experience. Companies may request membership and admittance may be granted based on a determination of the quality of the firm's designs, displays and customer service practices. Students may apply for membership, as well as people working in home furnishings sales who are interested in improving their knowledge of interior design or decoration.

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