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Gardening Advice for Superb Gardens and Plants
This website promises to "help you grow better  plants of all kinds in your gardens". The advice given on this site is dispensed by experienced gardeners who have "uncovered the secrets, the best products and techniques to use" when it comes to creating a garden. The site maintains that gardening can be enjoyed no matter where you live and can be a wonderfully fulfilling hobby.

Gardening Tips from Gardening Jones
This really useful website lists a variety of gardening tips that are sure to help you create a wonderful garden. You can even submit a tip of your own. The bullet pointed tips include: don't plant basil with tomatoes, throw a few earthworms in your compost ever so often, and the peak time to pick herbs is first thing in the morning. Think those are interesting, click on over to see over a dozen more. The list is constantly growing and being updated. You can also check out the area of the site that gives you tips on starting seeds.

Hydroponics Information
There is some good how-to information on of about hydroponic gardening and growth. The site features information about the benefits of hydroponic food production, hydroponic growing techniques, modern greenhouse production, and hydroponics science projects. Also included is a section about hydroponic basics, the history of hydroponics, beginning hydroponic gardening, aquatics, science projects, tips, preparing a hydroponic garden for winter, pH acid bases, nutrient mixing and common problems with hydroponic gardening. Great resources and a useful hydroponic gardening question and answer section.

Gardening Tips Index
From A-Z, you will find a whole host of gardening tips on this useful website. Thinking about pruning your apple tree? Considering growing garlic? Not sure what to do about ground squirrels? Well, this site has all the answers. The tips are arranged alphabetically and each tip lists the month. Once you click on a tip, the site will take you to another page that is filled with information and extra resources pertaining to that particular tip. Go ahead, check it out; it's almost guaranteed that you'll find what you are looking for here! The site also features garden events, best picks, publications, garden links and projects.

Hydroponic Propagation Success Rates
This website includes information to increase propagation success rates. Successful propagation is, in essence, simplicity, however there are some guidelines that when followed, can dramatically improve the ultimate success rate. These are listed on this website, including information about conditions and equipment, as well as using rockwool propagation block, light, jiffy pots, temperature and humidity and vermiculite seed-raising mix.

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