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HGTV Home Office Section
Home and Garden Television has a wealth of information about home office and workspace, including office redesign, masculine offices, retro home offices, home office suites, tranquil music room and retreat, painters studios, home office makeovers, old west offices, seaside home offices, industrial home offices, vintage home office furnishing, L-shaped desks, sea-inspired offices, choosing an office chair, kitchen offices and converting an old bedroom into a home office. Links go to articles with tips and explanations of room makeovers, including before and after home office photos.

Get Your Home Office Set Up the Right Way
If you have decided to operate a business from your home, you need to a proper space for it. Find out how to get your home office set up properly from the start so that it works well for your needs and fits the space you have available. Get the information you need about choosing the right office desk and chair, home office computer, software, and supplies. Suggestions for outfitting the home office with the right equipment and caring for your home computer are included. Creative solutions for using available space are offered, including using shelving and a folding table for your office and how to covert a closet for this purpose. You will also find helpful tips about keeping your home office files secure.

Best Rewards Programs for Business Travelers: Car Rental, Hotel & Air
Visitors to this site will find tips for getting the most value from a car rental agency, as well as companies offering hotel accommodation and air travel services. It also lists a number of rewards programs which business travelers can take advantage of when looking for the best auto rental. See Marathon Car Rental if you need a good rate on a Los Angeles rental car. As an independent local company, it offers low-cost rentals as well as great service. They'll pick up within a 3-mile radius of any of its three locations in Culver City, Downey and Hermosa Beach.

Have Bulk Mail Software? Partner with the USPS for Your Mass Mailing Needs
The United States Postal Service offers specialized services to companies involved in direct mail campaigns. Get information about how Network Distribution Centers (NDCs), formerly known as Bulk Mail Centers (but since re-engineered into a new system) can help to distribute periodicals, standard mail items, parcels and printed or recorded materials at preferred rates. The USPS is ready to help customers by providing a guide to mail services for businesses, as well as an online Resource Center with facts about shipping systems, acceptance schedules and consolidators. If you're looking for the best price on mailing software, MailersMVP sells the most popular bulk mailing software programs, such as Postalsoft and Lorton Data's A-Qua Mailer.

Bright Ideas for Home Office Lighting
One way to avoid uniform levels of lighting is to use indirect lighting sources. A fixture that reflects off of the ceiling back down into the space is the least glaring and most comforting for the eyes. If the area around your monitor is not well lit, there will be a contrast between the bright computer screen and the darkness of the room, which will certainly create eyestrain after awhile. To avoid this situation, try "washing" the wall behind your computer with a recessed "wall washer", a light fixture that looks like a regular light that would project light down the wall. Article also discusses paint choices for the home office, as well as halogen bulbs and general office décor and themes

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