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A Broadbase of Information on Home Security
For a fairly complete understanding of home security, at least from a novice to intermediate level perspective, start with the site Alarm System, which has a wealth of information, tips and resources far beyond reviewing alarm systems. The information is organized in sections such as a beginners guide to home security, a beginner's guide to home security cameras, alarm basics, system design, device types, reviews, crime prevention tips, security cameras, evaluation. In the beginner's guide section, there's an article to read before you start getting quotes on home security systems. It gives you the top 5 consumer complaints. It discusses wireless versus hardwired. The iste provides some home security scenarios (e.g., involving rents, living in a condo or house) to help you narrow down the type of system that's right for you. There's a guide to perimeter alarm design for the typical residence, taking through it step by step from the basement to the top floor. There is also a section where you can find your city's burglary rate, and information on home security smartphone apps. And then there's a section of tips on specific topics such as evaluating your home's seucirty, securing your home's windows and doors, security for rural area, and security for condors and apartments. This is just to give you a glimpse of the content, as there's much more on the site.

Apartment Security and Personal Protection
This website features apartment security articles, with apartment safety tips and ideas. Article topics include home invasion survival tips, apartment security design, security guards in apartment housing, premises liability for violent crime, apartment security overview and gated communities. Articles cover topics such as alarms, carjacking, alerting neighbors and burglar proofing your apartment. Because most burglaries occur during the day, itís important to adhere to the tips and remember that burglars are usually well dressed, and plan their crimes at night. Also on the site is a crime school video library that covers home security, personal protection (e.g., street crime prevention, assessing your personal safety out in public, how to prevent being attacked out in public, and self-defense weapons such as pepper spray), workplace violence, personal and family safety (e.g., home invasion robbery, strangers inside our home like repairmen), and family planning strategies.

The Psychological Effects of Home Burglary
Writer Dave Kopec had written about home safety for years and tried to do everything he could to make his home safe from intrusion. But even the best measures can't keep a determined thief out -- or in this case three teenagers intent on finding a place to party and then vandalize. This article is written from a very personal perspective, discussing the real-life trauma and psychological devastation that can occur following a break-in. Often a break-in can cause loss of place attachment, which means the homeowner feels no connection to his or her home any longer and wishes nothing more than to sell. Mr. Kopec thought he had made his home safe from intruders. A six-foot wall along one side of his house with sharp diamond-shaped points on top, protected the utilities section of the home. However, this turned out to be his weakest point. The kids who broke into my home bent over the diamond points and then scaled the wall. Upon entering the utility area they proceeded to cut the telephone line and disable the electric, as well as compromise the watering system. Since most security services rely on a telephone call to warn of an intruder, the cut telephone cord rendered that aspect of my defenses useless. Additionally, the sirens associated with a compromised security system were also rendered ineffective because they were tied to the electricity. Hence, my first three lines of defense (neighbors, security service, and alarm) were all rendered ineffective. There are things that Mr. Kopec could have done differently and which might have protected his home more effectively. This article details many of those things. There is nothing better than first-hand knowledge. By reading this article you have a chance to get that knowledge without having to suffer the actual trauma of a break-in yourself.

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