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Home Decorating Math
Most home decorators need to work within a budget. But in order to figure out what you'll spend, you first have to know what you need. This Math in Daily Life page on home decorating on the Annenberg Learner site provides formulas and easy-to-understand charts and figures to help you measure your floor plan, cabinetry, countertops, lighting preferences and more.

National Kitchen-Bath Association
The National Kitchen and Bath Association is a more than 25,000 member not-for-profit trade association that has educated and led the kitchen and bath industry for over 40 years. the ebsite includes a list of kitchen and bathroom remodeling industry experts, as well as a workbook to guide you through kitchen or bathroom remodeling. A section about online services as well as a student center is offered. Not only does NKBA host the world's largest trade show and offer educational programs, but we also enhance the success of our members by promoting professionalism and ethical business practices. In order to benefit consumers, our association monitors national and state legislation to protect the industry, our members, and consumers. As a consumer, you can take advantage of NKBA's widespread presence in the kitchen and bath industry through this website, its free workbook, or by speaking to a representative.

How to Decorate Your Kitchen on
With kitchen being one of the most important rooms of your house, you might want to make it more attractive. In this article at, you will understand the three major steps. First, you need to make some small changes such as removing the clutter. Then, add a few accent colors, some fresh colors, and enticing furniture. For the bigger changes, you can upgrade your storage cabinets by using either floating shelves or cubed shelves. You can try using open cabinets by removing their doors to make them look spacious. The third major step is about choosing the right theme based on personal preference.

Luxury Kitchen Faucets
This section on Houzz shows more than 125,000 luxury kitchen faucets available these days, which can add style and luxury to your kitchen. Luxury faucets are available for all themes and style needs, such as cozy traditional, farmhouse, modern, classic, or gallery loft spaces—hands-free touchless faucets, contemporary gooseneck, just a plethora of different styles for different spaces.

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