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Building a Great Kitchen Starts with a Great Design
The kitchen can be considered the heart of your home, and you want your design to reflect your personality and your lifestyle. Kitchen Designers Ideas not only gives you suggestions for your new kitchen, but also shares information about how to plan an outdoor kitchen, choosing kitchen flooring, what you need to know about kitchen faucets, what's new in kitchen backsplashes, and much more. Are you wondering how to design an ergonomic kitchen or how to hire a kitchen contractor to build your dream kitchen? Find out here! Links to local contractors are also provided.

10 Budget-Friendly Makeover Ideas for Your Kitchen
If you are looking for kitchen makeover ideas that won't hurt your wallet, check these 10 kitchen renovation tips at, as recommended by interior designer, Robin Siegerman. First, you can reface the cabinet doors instead of buying a new cabinet. Instead of hiring an electrician to add lighting, buy a lower-cost rope lighting, which you can install under the overhead cabinets. If your kitchen countertop is already old and ugly, hire a professional to put genuine granite right on top of the old one. For the ceiling lighting, Robin recommends using halogen pot lighting.
This site bills itself as the Web's most comprehensive consumer resource on kitchen design. It offers slideshows and photos, and teches the basics of design and products. It provides case studies with homes that have had kitchen remodeling projects completed. Includes high-contrast elements, natural maple cabinets, granite countertops, checkerboard cork flooring and semi-circular dining levels. Learn about how to finance kitchen remodeling projects, and more. New kitchen fixtures and products include the new Cheng Design by Zephyr hoods, Mystic by Elkay sinks, drawer labels by Notting Hill, and luxury tiles. An interactive kitchen guide offers questions and answers about understanding the process of kitchen remodeling, gathering design ideas, setting a kitchen redesign budget, choosing cabinets, choosing kitchen appliances and countertops, choosing kitchen flooring, sinks and faucets.

Kitchen Decorating Styles on brings you this huge collection of kitchen decorating ideas. This includes a New Mexico kitchen style where a custom vintage design is mixed with a new, fresh approach; a modern New Mexico kitchen with vibrant colors that add a strong impact; a kitchen using wood ceiling overhead and a wood floor; a California kitchen with appliances and other accents; a restaurant-style kitchen, a so-called chef's Kitchen, and a single-color kitchen. You will also have an idea on the four basic kitchen layouts - the galley shape, the L-shape, the U-shape, and the G-shape.

Kitchen Decorating Tips and Tricks
The kitchen is the most visited part of your house, which is why it needs some decorations to make it always refreshing to look at. To start with, you can repaint it or go for wallpaper. Then, add a new hardware or a cabinet. You can also put floor tiles, buy new kitchen utensils, or place a new basket or a fruit tray in one corner. You can also add some decors or furniture to make it more appealing. For the rest of the tips, you can check out the many kitchen articles

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