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Kitchen Remodel Budget
Establishing a budget for a kitchen renovation can be challenging. Updating or replacing kitchen cabinets, appliances, fixtures, countertops and flooring can be an expensive proposition and visitors to this site will find a formula they can use to set up a budget for this type of home improvement project. Find out how much of the kitchen renovation budget should be allocated to each element, as well as how much the total cost should be in relation to the home's fair market value. Discover the benefits of working with a kitchen renovation specialist to set priorities and stay on budget.

Bath and Kitchen Remodeling Projects
A database of past Home Time television shows that show makeovers including wood and tile kitchen and bathroom flooring, installing a new jetted tub and tile in a bathroom, installing a cast-iron bathtub, remodeling a condo kitchen, updating 70s style kitchens, upgrade a basement laundry room, salvage space for a new bathroom and renovate an adjacent family room, redoing a split-entry kitchen, creating an urban apartment bathroom, updating a ranch kitchen, fixing a bad kitchen layout, installing ceramic tiles, remodeling a Chanhassen kitchen, and remodeling a master suite.

MonkeySee Video Series Focuses on Budget-Conscious Kitchen Renovations
Remodeling expert David Lupberger shares information about how to save money on kitchen renovation projects in this informative video series. Homeowners can focus on different aspects of a kitchen renovation project, such as lighting, faucets and sinks, and wall finishes. Other options covered in this helpful series on kitchen renovation projects are suggestions for floor coverings and cabinet upgrades which can be completed for under $1,500. The series also focuses on kitchen countertop upgrades which can be made on a relatively modest budget of less than $1,500.

Ceramic Tiles for Every Style
The site provides design ideas to decorate all your spaces with ceramic tiles: the inspiration needed to help you coordinate the colors, play with the textures, choose the designs, and match the different sizes. Use home decoration photographs available to walk through the home interiors and exteriors, the master bathrooms, the new kitchens and living rooms, one after another. Find inspiration and fresh room decorating ideas with ceramic and porcelain tiles by clicking on the pictures. The interior design gallery shows many bathroom and kitchen remodeling options and styles.

Improvement Center Offers Helpful Kitchen Remodeling Guides
This informative site offers a number of helpful guides in PDF format for homeowners who have kitchen renovation projects in mind. For example: An appliance installation guide shows how easy it is to install your own refrigerator, stove, microwave or dishwater. Another guide shows many styles available for kitchen cabinets, while another ofers information on countertop products, from granite to natural stone, wood, laminate and more. There's a DIY flooring guide and a DIY lighting guide, because lighting is very important—from under-cabinet lightings to recessed, overhead, rope lights and more. There are guides for kitchen backsplace, countertop installation, and sink and faucets. Also included are installation guides for sinks and kitchen cabinets. There's even a guide for kitchen demolition to help cut down on the potential for disaster.

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