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Kitchen Design & Remodeling Ideas from Better Homes and Gardens
Better Homes and Gardens's section on kitchen design and remoceling ideas provides ideas and inspirations for upgrading and refreshing your kitchen. Whether working from an existing layout or starting from scratch, get ideas for modern kitchen design. Some of the themes presented include: Tuscan kitchens, sizzling with color, colonial, vintage kitchens, bravado kitchens, southwestern kitchens, contemporary and calm, blooming, teapots and crazy cats 30s era, and traditional. These ideas incorporate colors and textures into kitchen design that is centered on a theme. Photos contain great kitchen décor ideas.

Get Tips for Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget from This Old House
One of the major pitfalls to kitchen remodeling is going over your budget. Even homeowners who add a cushion to the amount they want to spend may still end up with a surprise when they total the amount they are spending for a kitchen upgrade. Based on canvassing dozens of industry professionals, this informative article presents 21 ways to save on a remodel. Included are techniques to increase efficiency rather than size, increase the amount of natural light coming into the kitchen without adding windows, limit recessed light fixtures, don't overspend on wall prep, save money with a DIY kitchen demo, and how lookalikes can be used to create a luxury kitchen on a budget. Other helpful tips for saving money on kitchen renovations include avoiding moving the sink, buying stock items if possible and buying building supplies at auction.

Kitchen Decorating Ideas for Cabinets, Sinks, Lighting, Fixtures and More
The site offers kitchen do-it-yourself guides and decorating ideas using sinks, antique lighting fixtures, tiles, cabinets, and mirrors from manufacturers like Kohler, Rohls, Franke, American Standard, Elkay, Hansgrohe and more. Mentioned are hanging stainless steel racks, fixtures, facets, as well as a link to more kitchen decorating ideas for faucets, filters, odds and ends, garbage disposals, cutlery, kitchen appliances and other kitchen house wares that can be used to decorate. You'll find articles on topics ranging from winning color combinations and cabinet options, to choosing a ceramic tile floor and kitchen organization and storage.

Wide Collection of Kitchen Designs
There are tons of different kitchen designs, ranging from traditional to modern ones. But in this page at, you can see more of them. This includes kitchens with mirrored furniture, retro Italian designs, Asian kitchen designs, country kitchen decors, traditional outdoor kitchens, free standing kitchen sinks, and others. You will also learn some tips on how to decorate the top of your kitchen cabinets, how to do a kitchen makeover with less cost, what to do to a small kitchen wall, and the common kitchen design mistakes you should avoid. A separate article has suggestions on how to do a kitchen makeover if you are in a tight budget.

Kitchen Al Fresco
The outdoor kitchen means so much more than a barbecue with a prep sink. With photo galleries and videos, this page on HGTV provides a lot ideas for outdoor kitchen designs. There are pizza ovens, griddles, infrared rotisseries, built-in woks, deep-fryers - you can customize your outdoor kitchen to suit the food you cook and the way you want to entertain. From fireplaces to pop-up thin-screen televisions, the features are limited only by your budget. This website gives great pictures for patio additions and backyard barbecues, an idea that is popular in the Southwest. Prepare food outside and get tips for creating an outdoor kitchen.

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