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Key Measurements for Desiging Your Kitchen
Steps are noted for those who want to start kitchen renovations. Tips include gathering everything you need, including graph paper, pencils, erasers, measuring tapes and calculators. Start with a rough drawing, then draw in walls and openings, and then draw in electrical and plumbing. Measure the kitchen appliances you plan to keep and indicate heating ducts on your drawing. Double check measurements and transfer this to the graph paper. You can bring this to a dealer who can help you choose cabinets and offer design ideas.

Understanding the Different Paint Colors for Your Kitchen
Besides the design, the color of your kitchen also matters a lot. In this article at, you will understand the different paint colors for the kitchen and how to choose the right one for you. For example, warm colors such as red and yellow act as appetite stimulants. For vivid colors such as orange and turquoise, they can add energy to your kitchen. There are a lot of new colors today that you can choose from, such as misty yellow and tender green. But more importantly, you should know how to mix and match the right colors.

A Comprehensive Guide on Kitchen Design
Planning a design for your kitchen? Consider reading this kitchen design guide. After you decide which style of kitchen you want, it's time for you to master the layout. This will depend on how you want to use your kitchen. Is it only for cooking, or also as an entertaining space? If your space is small, there are a lot of suggestions here on how you maximize its area without sacrificing convenience. If you prefer open shelving, make sure the knives are far from the reach of your small kids. You will also learn tips about proper lighting and wall decorating.

24 Smart Organizing Ideas for Your Kitchen
Tips for a clutter free, organized kitchen include the following, and much more: Use a lazy Susan to house sticky or spillable food items, give cookbooks shelf space, hang aprons, pot holders, dish towels, etc. on pegs (but away from the stove), arrange kitchenware by frequency of use, with everyday dishes on the easiest-to-reach shelves, group smaller object by purpose and assign to specific cabinets, designate a cooking zone around the stove and store pots and pans close to the range, keep plastic bags and wrapping goether in a drawer near the refrigerator, keep essential tools together and within easy reach for food prep, file plastic containers and their tops in orderly zones in the same draw to find them easily, use lid racks to store the tops to various pots and pans, install sliding shelf organizers, use drawer organizers to keep cutlery separated.

Best Selling Kitchen Books
Get inspired to remodel or redesign your kitchen with ideas out of the following books available from best-selling kitchen books on Books include Kosher by Design Kids in the Kitchen, Kitchen and Bath Design, Tiling 1-2-3, Kitchens: The Smart Approach to Design, Kelly's Kitchen Sync, Atomic Kitchen, Kitchen & Bath Project Costs: Planning & Estimating Successful Projects, Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen, Ortho's All About Tiling Basics, Step-by-Step Tiling Projects, Julia's Kitchen: A Design Anatomy, Design Ideas for Kitchen, Making Kitchen Cabinet Accessories, and much more.

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