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Ideas for Great Kitchens at Sunset
The publisher of Ideas for Great Kitchens owns the website Sunset, which provides a weatlth of ideas on every aspects of kitchens--design, decorating, makeovers, entertaining, different types, etc.--primarily from the perspective of "western" living, which is what the site is about. In addition to kitchen ideas, the site features food ideas, a home section, garden information and travel tips. Subscribe to the kitchen publication for kitchen design and decorating tips.

Huge Gallery of Colored Kitchens
Color in the kitchen, especially for cabinetry was not as popular as during the last decade. But as time goes by, homeowners and interior designers bravely venture into them. To show that colored kitchens look great to your eyes, here's a huge photo gallery of some of them. As you can see, cabinets here are painted high-gloss red, hot pink, red-orange, sky blue, royal blue, cottage blue, moody blue, turquoise, lavender, or purple. But that's not all. There are also different flavors of green, such as avocado green, lime green, spring green, sage green, and moss green. For yellow cabinets, the flavors are yellow island, energetic yellow and cheerful yellow. You can also find pink and orange cupboards.

Five Ways to a Beautiful New Kitchen
You'll find more than 30 years of practical refacing advice, help and tips on this site. Let's start with 5 ways to a beautiful new kitchen. You could start by simply replacing doors and cabinet fronts without replacing anything else. By simple refacing your wooden fixtures you can change the entire look and feel of a kitchen, and the cost is very reasonable. Another quick and easy makeover is called the Euro look. This involves putting on an almond or white euro style door with continuous oak rail pulls and hidden hinges on your existing boxes. Another option is to paint everything white and add beautiful new brass handles and hinges. Still another option would be to do a complete refacing job yourself. This is time-consuming, but the results can be worthwhile. The fifth option is to order solid core MFD doors and paint them to create your own look. MFD doors are recommended because they have no seams and so do not expand or contract to destroy your paint job. On this site you will also find a very helpful step-by-step article, complete with photos, explaining in detail how to reface your kitchen. There is also a refacing Q&A section that has additional real-life hints and tips to make your refacing project go more smoothly.

Measuring Your Kitchen
Starting a kitchen renovation is easy with this step-by-step guide that helps hopeful remodelers figure out exactly what they need to undertake a project. Gather a calculator, graph paper, eraser, measuring tape and graph paper to begin coming up with a rough drawing of what you wish your kitchen to look like. Explains how to draw in walls and openings, draw in electric and plumbing hardware, and measure existing appliances.

Kitchen Decorating Photo Galleries
This gallery is chock full of decorating ideas for kitchens. Using photo galleries, you can view sample kitchen and bath designs. Designs include kitchens, appliances, countertops and cabinets. Do-it-yourself or contractor kitchen remodelers can get ideas for kitchen makeovers here.

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